There are two major technological factors that differentiate Progressive Molding Technologies from the average molder.

Scientific De-coupled Molding

By using scientific, de-coupled processing methods, we are able to optimize the molding process for our customers, assuring them repeatability and quality from lot to lot. We also utilize Design of Experiments (D.O.E.) to quantify optimal processing variables and determine the acceptable processing window for world-class quality on every run.

Automated Molding Cells

Automated Molding Cells

The concept: The heart of the cell is the injection molding press. By utilizing advanced closed-loop control, we are able to control and/or monitor all auxiliary equipment. Automation of material handling eliminates common sources of contamination that often result in quality defects. A sprue-picker and beside-the-press grinder, provide continuous, contaminate free regrind to be precisely mixed and reused in the production process.

At Progressive, we believe that by automating common redundant tasks, we can help eliminate human error and provide a workplace for our employees that is more rewarding. This enables our employees to focus on value-added activities and continuous improvement projects. In addition, automation of key tasks improves quality and minimizes overall costs to our customers.