Injection Molding

At Progressive, we handle projects from low volume, single cavity prototype tooling to high volume, multi-cavity class I production tooling. With our in house design capabilities and close relationships with our mold makers, we can launch your plastic project from initial concept to full production.


At Progressive Molding Technologies, we have extensive experience molding a large variety of engineering and commodity grade resins to close tolerances. This includes but is not limited to:


Progressive can help you match the right polymer to your specific application. Whether it be a simple commodity resin or an engineering resin with exotic filler (Stainless Steel fiber, Carbon Fiber, etc.) we can help you achieve your price and performance goals.

To discuss specific resin requirements or to meet specific industry specifications, please feel free to contact us.


Progressive Molding Technologies can run your existing tooling, or manage the build of your new tooling through one of our mold-building partners. Whether a new mold is built by the customer or we manage the build, we welcome the opportunity to work with our customers early in the design stages to ensure that the tooling and production process meets their unique requirements.


Assembly and secondary operations are performed in house or through one of our partners.

Engineering Services

At Progressive we offer complete design and development services to take your project from concept to full production.

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File Formats

At Progressive Molding Technologies, Inc. we believe that clear communication is at the heart of any good relationship. In an effort to make that communication as seamless and clear as possible, we are able to work with these CAD and software File Formats.


At Progressive Molding Technologies, we pride ourselves on exceeding our customer expectations. We would welcome the opportunity to tailor a delivery system to meet your specific J.I.T. inventory requirements. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements for kanban, hi/low, or other specific inventory replenishment strategies.