Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Our method of scientific de-coupled molding establishes a defined process window in which quality parts are produced. Once this window has been established, up to six independent process variables are monitored on a shot to shot basis to ensure consistent quality. From that data me monitor:

SPC Sample 1

Real-time Statistical Process Control for up to three separate process variables assures that critical process variable remain in control.

SPC Sample 2

Real time Process Monitoring for up to six separate process variables for good/bad part recognition assures consistent quality shot to shot and lot to lot.

By performing online, real-time statistical process control, any process that starts to lose control can be identified and stabilized before bad parts are ever molded.

This process data is also used to determine the quality of each individual shot. Should a process variable fall outside of established parameters, the molding press activates a diverter shoot to place that shot into the scrap container.

All process data is stored in electronic format to assure that the same processing parameters are run at each setup. This eliminates the traditional "human factor" that can adversely affect the molding process at setup and during the production run.